Dr. Robert A. Fisher's Services for the Legal Community:

An active Expert Witness in laser-related matters.  References available on request.

As an active professional Ph.D. in Laser Physics (from Berkeley) in experimental and theoretical physics, I have spent most of my adult life extracting extremely subtle features out of noisy data, producing mathematical simulations, making elegantly simple and descriptive visual aids for public presentation, and finding very simple ways to explain very complex phenomena. Recently I have been applying all of these talents to serve the legal community. I perform numerical analysis, numerical modeling, number crunching, statistics, and forensic calculations.  As an Expert in physics, and I prepare convincing presentation graphics and accurate professional tabulations.  I performed the data analysis and statistical analysis for a class action suit which partially settled for $79.7 million.
Mathematical Analysis Physics
Numerical Modeling Presentation Graphics
Number Crunching Professional Tabulations
Statistics Forensic Calculations

I can help you or your client with the following:

  • Graphing of annual financial data.

  • Assessing (or attacking) highly technical reports (Electrical circuits, electrical safety, grounds, ground-fault interrupts, laser eye damage, automotive accident reconstructions, evaluation of technical merit and reporting accuracy of "hi-tech" offerings, etc.)

  • Data assessment, trends, nonlinear least squares fitting of time data to equations for interpolation (to predict missing values) or for extrapolation (to predict future values).

  • Finding time trends (How much did that client with irregular income lose during the 14 months he/she was injured?) (How does one apply changing rates of simple or compound interest to damages?)

  • Searching paragraphs to identify mathematical or logical ambiguities. (In disputing a will, disputing a position regarding a contract, finding multiple interpretation of terms in employment contracts, etc)

  • Graphical demonstrations of a parties' changes in spending behavior

  • Proofreading draft agreements (wills, divorce settlement, contracts, water rights transfers, complex transactions, etc.) to identify and eliminate all mathematical ambiguities and all logical ambiguities.

  • Converting years of unsorted canceled checks, credit card statements or receipts into properly categorized and searchable data.

  • Sitting with you and your client at negotiation time for the real-time assessment of settlement scenarios.

  • Asset balancing at divorce settlement.

  • Working with you or your client to develop convincing flow charts which show how sole and separate money transferred in time from asset to asset.

  • Produce outstanding visuals for transparencies, paper visual aids, or full-size story boards. All visual aids will convey the utmost professionalism.

  • Organize (from monthly statements) in a computer-searchable manner the monetary flow in and out of a very active stock portfolio.



    Data Analysis Services; How I work:
    My computers and printers are portable. I can work here in my office in Santa Fe, at your offices, or work can be done at virtually any remote site with one or more of your clients. I can also work by modem, and I can (if you desire) exchange files via e-mail. If, in the unlikely event that I am not good at the specific task you ask me to do, I will immediately tell you so. I have excellent safekeeping (including a US Government approved safe) where all computer files, data, papers, etc. can be kept.

    Data Analysis Services; Rate Structure:
    I have one hourly rate for normal work. If you ask me to cease work during the first hour (for any reason whatsoever), there will be no charge.

    If you are stuck at the last minute and you require work (for that 9:00 AM hearing) that has to be done after 6 PM the night before or on weekends, then higher rates apply. I can work straight through the night at your side to prepare for that 9:00 AM hearing.

    References: Attorney references provided upon request.

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